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Georgia continued consolidating its position as a key partner of the European Union in the region – the European Commission

The European Commission released the third Association Implementation Report   on Georgia which sets out the state-of-play of Georgia's implementation of its reforms under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement over the past year, including in such areas as democracy and public administration, human rights protection, justice and the rule of law, fight against corruption and organized crime, trade and economic development, regional development and digital economy, agriculture, environmental protection, climate change, healthcare, education, tourism, transport and energy. 
The report also says that Georgia's Association Agreement commitments, including as regards its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, have been implemented in line with agreed timelines. 
“Georgia continued consolidating its position as a key partner in the region with its reform efforts and the ambition to further develop its relations with the EU, as highlighted by Georgia’s 5-point reform programme” – reads the report making reference to the 5-point programme of the Georgian Government.
The Report highlights the Georgian civil society’s firm support for Georgia’s foreign policy course.
According to the Document, the European Union and Georgia have further intensified their relations. Georgia is an important partner for the EU as regards security.
On peaceful conflict resolution, the Report says that 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Georgia. The EU continues to fully support Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.
According to the Report, the European Union positively appraises trade relations with Georgia and highlights the improvement of the macro-economic situation in the country. “In 2017, the EU was an important trade partner of Georgia with 27% share in its overall trade” – says the Report. Based on the document, Georgia continues to make progress with the provisions on competition, focusing on capacity building of the Georgian Competition Agency (GCA), and on promotion of a public competition culture.
The Report indicates that the country has continued implementing the visa benchmarks and taking measures, in particular to tackle the issues regarding irregular migration by its nationals. Important progress was achieved in the penitentiary and probation areas, in particular as regards healthcare or human rights situation. In the course of 2018 Georgia upgraded its domestic legislation to fight violence against women and domestic violence.
The European Commission released the third Association Implementation Report on Georgia since the entry into force of the Association Agreement in 2016. The report sets out the state of play of Georgia’s commitments under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA) since the meeting of the EU-Georgia Association Council of 5 February 2018 and ahead of its next meeting of 5 March 2019.